YKLA Visits Atria Tarzana Retirement Community

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The 3rd and 4th grade girls classes of Yeshiva Ketana visited with residents of the Atria Tarzana retirement community to decorate Rosh Hashana cards together.

The mood was joyous and the girls, both young and not so young, got right to work designing the beautiful cards. After they finished their work, the Yeshiva Ketana girls visited with other residents and distributed their cards

When they met a woman who was celebrating her 95th (!) birthday, they sang her Happy Birthday, in both English and Hebrew.

When asked about the trip, one of the staff members commented: “I can’t believe how comfortable the girls were, it was really a lot of fun!” Her reaction is a testament to the success of the periodic visits; the seniors benefit from their interactions with the students, and the students learn how to properly relate to people who are older than them.


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