Yeshiva Ketana of Los Angeles Core Values

Learning Should Be Enjoyable:

Children that enjoy learning, are motivated to learn, retain more information, and are generally happier. Through a combination of innovative teaching methods and integration of technology in the classroom, our teachers are able to create an engaged and exciting classroom atmosphere. By acting as facilitators instead of instructors, our teachers create an active learning environment.

Middos Tovos Come First:

Character development is a lifelong process that must begin in childhood. We teach even our youngest students that who you are is more important than what you know. Chessed, Emes, and Ahavas Yisroel are a few of the middos that are woven into all subject matters.

Torah is Our Lifeline:

Cultivating a genuine sense of Chashivus HaTorah and Shmiras HaMitzvos is of paramount importance and is consistently emphasized to our students. To ensure each of our students can realize the sweetness of Limud Hatorah, we provide a strong foundation in Kriah and analytical thinking.

A Strong Secular Education is Essential:

Having access to an excellent general education prepares our students for a rapidly changing global economy. We believe children should have the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in any field they desire. Research-based, developmentally appropriate curricula and best –practice teaching methods ensure our students can meet any challenges they encounter.

An Excellent Staff:

A Yeshiva is only as good as the people who staff it. We are dedicated to hiring the finest Rebbeim, Moros, and Teachers available. We value and respect our team of educators, who give so much of themselves to the children. This helps us attract talented and experienced teachers to our growing school, filling vital positions in the Yeshiva and in the community.

A Safe Classroom Environment:

A warm, friendly, and safe classroom enables children to focus and thrive. The Yeshiva has assumed a zero-tolerance stance against all forms of bullying, including, but not limited to: verbal, physical, and emotional abuse.

Working as a Team We Accomplish More:

A healthy Parent-Yeshiva relationship is vital to the development of every child. Continuous and clear communication between the school and the home is consistently maintained. We realize the critical role parents play in their child’s growth and very much value their feedback.