Ladies Paint Night

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On November 24th the PTA welcomed an excited group of over thirty-five Mothers for their first in-person event since the pandemic began. The room was decorated beautifully, and the parent volunteers set-up refreshments that included a tropical fruit platter, sushi and fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies. Mrs. Shaindel Blaustein, an artist and Yeshiva Ketana Mother,  led the paint night by introducing the design and explaining the different painting techniques. She distributed the pallets, paints, brushes, and stencils and the ladies got to work. Each participant went home with a unique and colorful work of art. Most importantly, they enjoyed the long-awaited opportunity to reunite and schmooze, in-person. A special thank you to Mrs. Berman and Mrs. Mendelson for setting the room so beautifully and to Mr. and Mrs. Irving and Linda Rubenstein for once again opening their home for the Yeshiva.

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Elementary Girl’s Achdus Performance

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Throughout the year the Elementary girl’s have had the opportunity to explore in depth various middos through our monthly Rosh Chodesh assembles. Each month the girl’s were introduced to a different middah in the form of a color (e.g. grateful green) and throughout the month the girl’s had the opportunity to learn about and internalize each important character trait. Monday’s achdus performance was a meaningful culmination to this year’s program. Each class choose a color andcorrespondingMiddah to present musically to the crowd full of mothers, grandmothers and special friends. It was truly a site to be seen as the performance culminated with all of the classes coming together to unite as a harmonious blend. Thank you to the teachers, staff and Mrs. Rita Freylicher for her time working with and accompanying the children so beautifully. A special thank you to Mrs. Esther MalkaHeller for all of the hard work and vision that brought this musical vision to life!

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Preschool Mommy and Me Playdate

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This past Sunday, May 26th, the preschool hosted its annual “mommy and me” play date. The goal of the event is for new and returning families to meet and begin building friendship for the upcoming school year and beyond. The children got to explore the outdoor classroom including the mud kitchen, life size easel and, of course, lots of play dough! Mother’s used this as an opportunity to exchange contact information while the children fostered existing friendship and formed new relationships. What a great way to transition into the next school year.

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Elementary School Dress Up Day and Preschool Purim Arts Festival

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The yeshiva was buzzing with excitement on Tuesday, March 19th as each division participated in unique and exciting pre-Purim festivities- in costume of course! The Preschool got ready for Purim with a vibrant Arts Festival. Each child had the opportunity to journey through Purim themed stations and take home one-of-a-kind artistic masterpieces. Elementary boys and girls divisions were each treated to a 5 in 1 bounce house combo, bright Purim themed photo booth and fresh popcorn. With thoughtful planning from Mrs. Esther Malka Heller and Mrs. Gitty Horowicz the girls classes were divided into groups mixed between older and younger grades as they went through 6 unique Purim stations. Morah Shaina Davidowitz and the 1G class had the added zchus of traveling to Eisenberg Village at the Jewish Home for the Aging, and visiting with the residents as part of Yeshiva Ketana’s ongoing partnership with the Steven Ohren Foundation. The girl’s told over the Purim story and entertained the residents proudly with their well-rehearsed Purim songs in English, Hebrew and Yiddish. Everyone had a beautiful day in advance of the Yom Tov of Purim.

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6th Grade Boys Ski Trip

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On Sunday, March 17th the sixth grade boys’ class chaperoned by their Rebbe, Rabbi Mandel, and class father’s Mr. Ari Friedman and Mr. Noah Weisman embarked on an achdus ski trip to Big Bear. Equipped with their winter gear and a whole lot of energy the boys headed to big bear for 24 hours of bonding and snow sports. They arrived to their rental home on Sunday afternoon and immediately settled in with a delicious BBQ dinner. That evening they made their way outside for a lively snowball fight. The boys woke up early on Monday morning to daven Shachris before they headed to the slopes where Rabbi Rubenstein joined them for the day. Experienced skiers immediately hit the mountain while newer skiers took lessons to AVOID hitting the mountain. What a memorable way for the boys to bond as a class!

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Banquet 2019

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Over 275 guests turned out to show their support at our 7th Anniversary Banquet. It was our largest crowd yet and it was a true Kiddush Hashem. The banquet was an opportunity to celebrate the contributions of our staff and supporters in general, and especially our Guests of Honor, Drs. Menachem and Chavie Wakslak and our Teacher of the Year, Morah Lymor Saada.

Once again, the hall was beautifully decorated by our talented and resourceful Décor Committee and their special touch was noticed in even the smallest of details. The speeches were inspiring and uplifting and generated an atmosphere of school pride Throughout the evening there was an overall feeling of warmth and achdus that has become the hallmark of a Yeshiva Ketana event..

Thank you to the honorees, the guests, the many volunteers and our amazing office staff for putting together such a memorable event. We look forward to many more in the future, iy”H!

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Haschalas Mishnayos Breakfast

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This past Sunday, our 3rd grade boys’ class, their fathers and even some grandfathers gathered together to mark the beginning of the boys’ learning Torah Sh’baalPeh with a beautiful and festive breakfast. The event began with Rabbi Davidowitz welcoming the children and their guests and describing the significance of LimudMishnayos. He then introduced our guest speaker, Rabbi AvrohomStulberger, Rosh Yeshiva of Valley Torah High Schools and proud zaidy of three (!) of our 3rd grade boys. Rabbi Stulberger spoke about the chashivus of LimudHatorah and how events like these sweeten Torah learning for the boys for years to come. Rabbi Handwerger spoke next and then the boys began learning together, outlining the history of the Mishna and learning the 1stMishna of Brachos in unison. Everyone joined together for singing and dancing and then enjoyed the delicious breakfast buffet, prepared by our talented and dedicated PTA.  Thank you to all those that made this event possible and Mazal Tov to our boys – may you go on to become tremendous TalmideiChachomim!

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Grandparents Day 2019

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This past Monday, the Yeshiva had the privilege of welcoming almost 200 grandparents (and special relatives) to our annual Grandparents Day program. The event began at the early childhood campus, where the grandparents and their grandchildren crafted colorful תפילת הדרך  beaded car decorations.  The grandparents were then treated to a delicious brunch, which was beautifully prepared by our talented PTA. During the brunch, Rabbi YoirApter, the Yeshiva’s 5th Grade Rebbi, spoke about the very special relationship that grandparents and grandchildren share and the significance of grandparents in the lives of their grandchildren. The  event   concluded with the  grandparents joining their elementary grandchildren’s classrooms, learning together and bonding with one another. Grandparents day is an event that we all look forward to. The grandparents, the children and staff thoroughly enjoy themselves every year and we are grateful to have this opportunity to bring the generations together in such a meaningful way

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Rosh Chodesh Kislev Assembly

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Last Thursday, November 8th,  our elementary girls participated in a special assembly in honor of  Rosh Chodesh Kislev. The 2nd-5th grade girls began their assembly with a join recitation ofHallel. Mrs. Esther Malka Heller, our Elementary Girls Program Director, then introduced the girl’s to this year’s theme “One”derful Colors, a harmonious blend”. The girl’s played a lively game of pass-the-box as they learned about this month’s subject, “Grateful Green”. The assemblies concluded with the girls decorating thank-you cards, which they gave to someone to whom they are grateful. The Pre-1st and 1st grade girls had their assembly later in the afternoon. What a beautiful way to bring in the new Chodesh!

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5th Grade Boys Haschalas Gemarah Breakfast

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On Sunday morning, October 14th, our 5th Grade Boys class, together with their fathers and grandfathers, marked the formal beginning of their Gemara learning with a lavish breakfast. We were honored to have Rav Shlomo Gottesman, Rosh Yeshiva of Mesivta of Greater Los Angeles (“Calabasas”) join us at the Haschalas Gemara Breakfast and address the boys on the integral role that Limud Hatorah has in our Avodas Hashem. Rabbi Davidowitz and Rabbi Apter spoke as well, which was followed by father-son learning and spirited singing and dancing.

The work that our Rebbeim put into our Talmidim is clearly evident at events like this, and the work that our dedicated PTA volunteers put into making these events so aesthetically pleasing is on full display. Thank you to them, and to the parents of our Talmidim, who allow us to lead them on their journey through Torah!

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