Executive Staff


Rabbi Aryeh Davidowitz

Rabbi Davidowitz grew up in Rochester, NY. He received his Semicha from Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim in Queens, NY, is certified by Maayn HaChinuch Training Institute, and is a graduate of the FIELD Training Executive Leadership course. Coming from a family of master educators and with many years of experience himself, Rabbi Davidowitz is passionate about teaching Torah and has an intuitive understanding of children and the way they learn. Rabbi Davidowitz and his wife, Chaya, live in Valley Village with their six children.


Rabbi Aharon Rubenstein

A native of Valley Village, CA., Rabbi Rubenstein spent over a decade in the East Coast studying in Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim in Queens, NY, earning his Semicha and developing a passion for Harbotzas HaTorah. Rabbi Rubenstein has a Master of Arts in Education from Touro University International, and has completed the Mercaz Teaching program and FIELD Training Executive Leadership course. His vision for excellence and desire to give back to his community was the impetus for his founding the Yeshiva Ketana in the San Fernando Valley. Rabbi Rubenstein and his wife, Leah, reside in Valley Village with their four children.

Curriculum Coordinator

Mrs. Tova Bayever

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Mrs. Bayever has been working in the field of education for the past 17 years, instructing students in the 5th through 8th grades in all secular subjects.  Having majored in English during her years at UCLA, she found a particular strength in teaching writing to all levels 2nd grade through high school.  She has taught in several Orthodox schools in the community and she served as the Middle School Vice Principal at Emek Hebrew Academy. In her free time, Mrs. Bayever loves to read, write, and spend time with her family.  She lives in Valley Village with her husband Jason and her three incredible children.

Executive Administrator

Mrs. Tamarah Yuz

Early Childhood Director

Preschool Director & Nursery Teacher

Mrs. Aida Yehudis Forman

Originally from Maine, Mrs. Forman has over 20 years of experience teaching and directing Early Childhood programs. Mrs. Forman researched, developed, and implemented an innovative curriculum for the Yeshiva Ketana Early Childhood Center, including an inspired outdoor classroom. She has seven teaching certifications, including California, and has received three teaching awards, as well as two teaching recognitions.

Early Childhood Staff

Kindergarten Teacher

Morah Elana Gettinger

Kindergarten Teacher Assistant

Ms. Chana Shapess

Second and Fourth Grade Girls Limudei Kodesh Teacher

Ms. Miriam Weiner

Kindergarten Teacher Assistant

Ms. Yael Rauch

Nursery Teacher Assistant

Mrs. Leah Cohen

Nursery Teacher Assistant

Ms. Miriam Cooper

Gesher Teacher

Morah Iara Serur

Gesher Teacher Assistant

Mrs. Sarit Aranpour

Elementary School Staff

Pre-1A Limudei Kodesh Teacher

Morah Peshy Stulberger

Pre-1A General Studies Teacher

Ms. Sara Shira Cohen

Pre-1A Teacher Assistant

Mrs. Esther Nabati

Pre-1A Teacher Assistant

Ms. Basya Kramer

First Grade Rebbe

Rabbi Avi Mann

First Grade & Third Grade Girls Limudei Kodesh Teacher

Morah Shaina Davidowitz

First Grade Girls English Teacher

Mrs. Lymor Saada

First Grade Boys English Teacher

Ms. Bracha Tehrani

Second Grade Rebbe

Rabbi Yossi Elefant

Second and Fourth Grade Girls Limudei Kodesh Teacher

Ms. Miriam Weiner

Second Grade General Studies Teacher

Mrs. Chanah Sarah Gabler

Third Grade Girls General Studies Teacher

Mrs. Debbie Schuraytz

Limudei Kodesh Assistant

Ms. Tova Rauch

General Studies Assistant

Ms. Chani Kahn-Rose

P.E. Teacher

Mrs. Erica Davidovich