Rabbi Aryeh Davidowitz


Rabbi Davidowitz grew up in Rochester, NY. He received his Semicha from Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim in Queens, NY, is certified by Maayn HaChinuch Training Institute, and is a graduate of the FIELD Training Executive Leadership course. Coming from a family of master educators and with many years of experience himself, Rabbi Davidowitz is passionate about teaching Torah and has an intuitive understanding of children and the way they learn. Rabbi Davidowitz and his wife, Chaya, live in Valley Village with their six children.

Rabbi Aharon Rubenstein

Founder and Menahel

A native of Valley Village, CA., Rabbi Rubenstein spent over a decade in the East Coast studying in Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim in Queens, NY, earning his Semicha and developing a passion for Harbotzas HaTorah. Rabbi Rubenstein has a Master of Arts in Education from Touro University International, and has completed the Mercaz Teaching program and FIELD Training Executive Leadership course. His vision for excellence and desire to give back to his community was the impetus for his founding the Yeshiva Ketana in the San Fernando Valley. Rabbi Rubenstein and his wife, Leah, reside in Valley Village with their five children.

Mrs. Tova Todd

General Studies Principal

Mrs. Todd is an LA transplant from the tri-state area. She earned a Master’s degree in Elementary Education from Loyola Marymount University, along with a Clear California Teaching Credential (K-8). With over a decade of classroom experience, Mrs. Todd has been privileged to teach at both private Jewish schools and public charter schools in the Los Angeles area, instructing all general studies subjects to both boys and girls at a variety of grade levels. She is known for inspiring passion for learning and promoting academic rigor via innovative and creative methods that encourage high levels of student engagement. Mrs. Todd and her husband, Shlomo, live in Pico-Robertson with their adorable twin daughters.

Mrs. Tamarah Yuz

Executive Administrator

Mrs. Penina Simon

Executive Assistant

Mrs. Gitty Horowicz

Administrative Assistant

Ms. Tamar Leebhoff

Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Penny Pflaster

Director of Student Support