Chanukah Ice Skating Trip

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On Wednesday, December 21st, the Elementary and Middle School divisions took a very cool trip to Los Angeles Kings Valley Ice Center in Van Nuys. The girls loaded the buses right after davening and headed straight for the ice rink. Equipped with lots of warm layers they got off the bus and lined right up to get their skates. Once the girls were all booted up, they got on the ice and had a great time. From beginners (equipped with walkers) to seasoned skaters, everyone had a blast. Our seniors even surprised the rest of the girls and their Moros with a lively on-ice Chanukah performance. 

Once the girls returned back to Yeshiva it was time for the boys to have their turn on the ice. The boys bused to the ice rink where they booted up and got on the ice. Together with their Rebbeim and teachers they enjoyed lively music, laughs and some healthy competition.  
B”H, the staff of the ice rink was very impressed by our talmidim and talmidos and their polite and refined behavior at the rink. We are so proud that they made such a Kiddush Hashem!