Elementary Girl’s Achdus Performance

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Throughout the year the Elementary girl’s have had the opportunity to explore in depth various middos through our monthly Rosh Chodesh assembles. Each month the girl’s were introduced to a different middah in the form of a color (e.g. grateful green) and throughout the month the girl’s had the opportunity to learn about and internalize each important character trait. Monday’s achdus performance was a meaningful culmination to this year’s program. Each class choose a color andcorrespondingMiddah to present musically to the crowd full of mothers, grandmothers and special friends. It was truly a site to be seen as the performance culminated with all of the classes coming together to unite as a harmonious blend. Thank you to the teachers, staff and Mrs. Rita Freylicher for her time working with and accompanying the children so beautifully. A special thank you to Mrs. Esther MalkaHeller for all of the hard work and vision that brought this musical vision to life!