5th Grade Boys Haschalas Gemarah Breakfast

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On Sunday morning, October 14th, our 5th Grade Boys class, together with their fathers and grandfathers, marked the formal beginning of their Gemara learning with a lavish breakfast. We were honored to have Rav Shlomo Gottesman, Rosh Yeshiva of Mesivta of Greater Los Angeles (“Calabasas”) join us at the Haschalas Gemara Breakfast and address the boys on the integral role that Limud Hatorah has in our Avodas Hashem. Rabbi Davidowitz and Rabbi Apter spoke as well, which was followed by father-son learning and spirited singing and dancing.

The work that our Rebbeim put into our Talmidim is clearly evident at events like this, and the work that our dedicated PTA volunteers put into making these events so aesthetically pleasing is on full display. Thank you to them, and to the parents of our Talmidim, who allow us to lead them on their journey through Torah!

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