Haschalas Mishnayos Breakfast

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This past Sunday, our 3rd grade boys’ class, their fathers and even some grandfathers gathered together to mark the beginning of the boys’ learning Torah Sh’baalPeh with a beautiful and festive breakfast. The event began with Rabbi Davidowitz welcoming the children and their guests and describing the significance of LimudMishnayos. He then introduced our guest speaker, Rabbi AvrohomStulberger, Rosh Yeshiva of Valley Torah High Schools and proud zaidy of three (!) of our 3rd grade boys. Rabbi Stulberger spoke about the chashivus of LimudHatorah and how events like these sweeten Torah learning for the boys for years to come. Rabbi Handwerger spoke next and then the boys began learning together, outlining the history of the Mishna and learning the 1stMishna of Brachos in unison. Everyone joined together for singing and dancing and then enjoyed the delicious breakfast buffet, prepared by our talented and dedicated PTA.  Thank you to all those that made this event possible and Mazal Tov to our boys – may you go on to become tremendous TalmideiChachomim!