Morah Miriam Weiner Receives the Prestigious “Mrs. Chaya Newman A”H Teacher Appreciation Award

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Torah Umesorah has long been at the forefront of Chinuch in America, serving as a valuable resource for Yeshivos across the country. They support Jewish Education in so many ways including staffing, staff development and their amazing Teacher Centers, one of which we enjoy here in Los Angeles. On Friday May 3rd, Morah Miriam Weiner was recognized at the Torah Umesorah National Leadership Convention with a prestigious award: the Mrs. Chaya Newman A”H Teacher Appreciation Award. This annual award is presented to an outstanding Morah, still in her first few years of teaching, who embodies the ideals of Mrs. Newman A”H. Mrs. Newman was a legendary Mechaneches who affected the lives of thousands of her own students and the students of her students with her warmth, caring and love. We are honored that Torah Umesorah and the thousands of attendees at the Convention recognized the amazing work that Morah Weiner does every day for the children of our community!