6th Grade Boys Ski Trip

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On Sunday, March 17th the sixth grade boys’ class chaperoned by their Rebbe, Rabbi Mandel, and class father’s Mr. Ari Friedman and Mr. Noah Weisman embarked on an achdus ski trip to Big Bear. Equipped with their winter gear and a whole lot of energy the boys headed to big bear for 24 hours of bonding and snow sports. They arrived to their rental home on Sunday afternoon and immediately settled in with a delicious BBQ dinner. That evening they made their way outside for a lively snowball fight. The boys woke up early on Monday morning to daven Shachris before they headed to the slopes where Rabbi Rubenstein joined them for the day. Experienced skiers immediately hit the mountain while newer skiers took lessons to AVOID hitting the mountain. What a memorable way for the boys to bond as a class!