Grandparents Day 2019

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This past Monday, the Yeshiva had the privilege of welcoming almost 200 grandparents (and special relatives) to our annual Grandparents Day program. The event began at the early childhood campus, where the grandparents and their grandchildren crafted colorful תפילת הדרך  beaded car decorations.  The grandparents were then treated to a delicious brunch, which was beautifully prepared by our talented PTA. During the brunch, Rabbi YoirApter, the Yeshiva’s 5th Grade Rebbi, spoke about the very special relationship that grandparents and grandchildren share and the significance of grandparents in the lives of their grandchildren. The  event   concluded with the  grandparents joining their elementary grandchildren’s classrooms, learning together and bonding with one another. Grandparents day is an event that we all look forward to. The grandparents, the children and staff thoroughly enjoy themselves every year and we are grateful to have this opportunity to bring the generations together in such a meaningful way